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 At SUNSET EXOTICS, we have been breeding and raising birds of all kinds for the last 12 years. We specialize in call ducks, standard Brahma chickens, silkies, and peacocks. With our hands on approach to husbandry, most of our babies are as people friendly as their breed allows. All of our birds get the best food year round, and in the summer, most are supplemented with free range grass, insects, and lots of sunshine, so they grow big and strong naturally. We do not medicate our birds to increase growth, but rather encourage natural strength and immunity through the best that Mother Nature has to offer.

We are located near Carstairs, Alberta, Canada. We do not ship our birds or eggs, so farm pickup is the only way to obtain birds from us. We try to accomodate as much as we can, and we can often make arrangements to meet you half way.

Snowy calls and their ducklings

Snowy calls enjoying a leisurely swim with their ducklings.

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